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Got a few quid spare? Help transform Westminster Bridge!

Block the Bridge, Block the Bill is only days away. Almost 2,500 people have now indicated they will attend, making this quite possibly the largest single act of civil disobedience in the UK for years, and one that can leave the Lords in no doubt over the strength of feeling against the Health and Social Care bill.

To make the bridge look spectacular, and to ensure our message gets out as widely and as loudly as possible, people have been busy making and buying kit, including huge banners, speech bubble placards, megaphones, scrub sets, flyers and soundsystems.

If you’ve got a few quid spare, donate some cash to assist in the transformation of Westminster Bridge this Sunday 9th October. Let’s create something beautiful!

Bank transfer
Account Name: UK Uncut
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account No.: 65482294


See you on the bridge.

A message of support from George Monbiot

The government’s assault on the NHS has just one purpose: to grant corporations greater access to public funds. To this end, it is prepared to destroy the greatest achievement in universal provision in the history of the United Kingdom, and one of the greatest worldwide. The US system, in which the rich are over-treated while the poor are left to rot, should serve as a grisly warning of where we could end up if these “reforms” go ahead.

We must stop this vandalism through a massive and sustained public mobilisation. As ever, UK Uncut are leading the way, with an inspiring campaign which I dearly hope will wake this country from its slumber.

George will do his best to make it to Block the Bridge, Block the Bill this Sunday. Almost 2,500 people have now indicated they’re attending — make sure you’re there too.